Annestown - Waterford

Annestown - Waterford

The beach at Annestown offers the Irish coast at its unspoilt best.

When the tide is out,  this lovely place, on what’s called the Copper Coast, is a glorious expanse of golden sand, rock-pools and a gentle sloping gradient which ensures it as one of the safest bathing beaches along this charming coastline.

In the rougher winter months, when the sea spray roars in, it attracts a hardier band of people called surfers.

The village of Annestown, with its colourful houses, is perched on the steep hill above and remarkably for an Irish village, it doesn’t have a public house.

To the north is the delightful Anne valley, at the head of which is the ruins of 13th century Dunhill Castle.

Annestown is located about 15 miles from the county town of Dungarvan.


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